Wednesday, March 29, 2017

It's been a long time since I posted on this blog but will make an effort to do so more often. Actually a lot has happened since the last time I was on here --new President for starters but that subject is left for other forums and blogs.
Real Estate. It is a sellers market with homes coming on the market and in some cases seeing multiple offers but within the hottest price ranges. We recently had a listing that was priced over $300K and had 4 offers on the home. It sold in days. We are in need of your listing!! Interest rates are still great too! If you're looking to buy, you need to get in contact with one of our Realtors to get in the Auto-Notification program. What is it? We can set you up that automatically notifies you of new listings that fit your set guidelines. As broad as anything new or even style specific. You learn of new listings before some of the websites. Speaking of websites did you know that our listings are on hundreds of websites and our competition MAYBE a couple dozen. You just never know where a buyer will come from. Our marketing is like an octopus with many "arms" and long reaching. There's is like a T-rex with it's short arms and limited range. Visualize that when you're thinking of selling.
City Happenings. Bank Midwest's new bank is coming along; the green insulation sure is eye catching. New businesses will be going into the old Thrifty building. There is a rumor out there that Target site is sold but nothing official. What would you like to see in there? Broadway from 7th North to past Searles is going to have work done this summer so please do what you can to get to the businesses on the South end of town; there will be ways to get them. Just a reminder to keep spending locally.
Like us on Facebook!! Did you know that the some of the people that liked us on Facebook are winners? We gave away a trip earlier this year as well a few gift certificates to local businesses. More to come the rest of the year.
Twins opener is just days away; how will they be this year? Will the Wild o far in the playoffs? How will our local Spring sports teams do this year?
Let me know your thoughts!!