Friday, October 4, 2013

Welcome to Fall

The seasons have changed and with it the real estate market changes a little bit too. For a seller you can see less buyers; maybe. For a buyer you can see less competition for that dream home and you can see less homes on the market; maybe. The real estate market is fluid in that it changes from week to week. We've seen a few more homes listed over the past week than we did a couple of weeks ago. The government uncertainty will add a twist to the market as well. If you're looking to buy and using a government backed loan you could be in for a wait and a wait that no one can say how long.

Interest ticked up but came back down some in recent weeks but not many people noticed. Still a great time to buy or sell for everyone from the First Timer to a Move Up Buyer. The Foreclosure Market is almost gone for now which is a good thing. Did you know that having a property for sale as a result of a foreclosure could have bearing on the value of your home? If you decide to sell and the home down the street is about the same style, year etc. an appraiser could use that as a comparable sale. If that sale is lower than yours, it could drag yours down and hinder your sale.

Check out our website for the latest homes on the market --

Check out Oktoberfest the next two weekends in New Ulm. Lots to see and lots to do the on Sat the 5th and Sat the 12th. Enjoy the music and food and so much more.

Go for a drive along the river valley and check out the Fall colors. They don't seem to last long so don't wait.