Monday, November 23, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving

From all of us a Century 21 Koeckeritz Realty -- Happy Thanksgiving. It's a time to be thankful for what we have but be sure to count your blessing everyday.

Things are still happening in the real estate market here in New Ulm and the surrounding area both in the residential and commercial markets. Even though it's November our thoughts tend to be out months ahead. If you're considering building that dream home in the Spring, now is a good time to be looking for your building lot and meeting with a builder. The building schedule fills up fast once the weather clears for building.
We are in the process of getting a listing on a new construction home that will be built in the Spring. Good location and wonderful square footage with many amenities

Parade of Lights is on Friday after Thanksgiving. There will be no parking downtown before and during the Parade to offer better views and a safer event. Should be great weather too.

Once again this year we as a Century 21 Koeckeritz Realty family will be making a donation to the Adopt A Family program. Each agent donates some many and then goes shopping for a family that is in need this holiday season. It could be a family of three or a family of 6, we just never know who we will be assigned. It's a great feeling to lend a helping hand anyway we can .

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Fall 2015

For people that like snow, this isn't your year; so far. But if this rain lately would be snow it would be piled up everywhere by now and it's not officially Winter. I talked to one farmer who says they welcome this rain; it's a jump start for next Spring.
Everyone would need to agree that with the mild weather comes a few less dollars out of our pocket for utilities to heat our homes. I love it!!  Here is a neat idea from Pinterest for garbage bag storage. Gotta love Pinterest.

Southside New Ulm is a changing -- Target is closing but New Ulm Target customers are fighting to keep them open. Congrats to the Bauers of Bauers Hardware on their retirement and the sale of their building---yes we sold it!!. If they close what can we do with the Target building??

Thanksgiving is coming up and it's that time of year that we need to take a minute to give thanks for all that we have. Giving thanks for what we have and for the people in our lives. There is a lot going on in the world and not all positive but everyone do your part to make your corner of the world a happy place.

Don't forget to check out our new website!! Use our trailer to help your move if you use our real estate services.

Go Vikings, Eagles, Charger, Hounds, Knights and Indians. We are a proud supporter of all High School and College sports. The Winter season has started.

Friday, November 6, 2015


By now most if not everyone has heard of the planned Target closing and everyone has an opinion on this one way or another. I've read most all the comments and talked with many on this. It doesn't matter if it's a big box or a mom or pop store, a store closing isn't good for anyone. There is a ripple affect from jobs to taxes to empty buildings that comes with going out of business. Let's hope for a save on this one. By the looks on Social Media, customers of Target have come out in full force.

Deer hunting is the next two weekends; have a safe and successful hunt

Shopping Opener starts today, Friday, at some shops and continues through the weekend. The weather should be good for both hunting and shopping; it could be whole lot worse.

Fall sports is winding down and Winter sports is set to take off soon. Follow your favorite teams and be a good sport about it all year long.

Hard to believe that Thanksgiving is around the corner; heard Christmas music on the radio already

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Check out our new and improved website for the latest and greatest in available properties including a couple of new ones this week