Thursday, July 25, 2013

Location X 3

There is an old saying in real estate; and anyone who has thought about buying a house has heard it -- Location, location, location. But like beauty location is in the eye of the beholder. What one buyer thinks about the location of a home could be completely different from the next. Railroad track? No big deal who was raised near some railroad tracks. Busy street? Not a deal breaker if you have a big backyard or park nearby to play away from the street. Is there a perfect location? Yup!! But it's different for all of us. Here is a tip for you to save you a major headache and to keep from having an unwanted surprise for you when you come home. Are you going away for a weekend or a week? Turn the water off at the main in the basement of your home. We recently had a home that was vacant and no one had been in the home for a week. A pipe or fitting broke; not sure which one and ran for quite possibly the full week. It was just a small pipe but none the less a total of 21,000 gallons came out of that pipe. Three floors of living space was water soaked and destroyed. Just a heads up when leaving home for an extended period of time. Another possible cause of this is your wash machine hose. Some plumbers recommend that you change them out every 5 years.

Newly listed is 800 S. Washington and 1021 Lower Wallachei. Go to for all the details on these and any other home listed for sale in the New Ulm area.

Crazy days this weekend in New Ulm; and no we are not giving away a house for Crazy Days. But it would be cool if we could. Baseball fans. The Legion and VFW teams are in action this weekend and are expected to be in it to the end. Good Luck to them both.

Don't forget to shop locally and also get your financing locally

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Our Moving Billboard

Need help moving? Well if you list or buy with any one of our agents at Century 21 Koeckeritz Realty we can help. Just reserve our 6 x 10 trailer and use it free of charge. The availability is on a first come first serve basis so don't delay. Some nice activity this past weekend in the real estate market as we have had some new homebuyers come into the marketplace. In the past few weeks interest rates have bounce around but it still is very cheap money when it comes to borrowing money for a mortgage. How long will they last this low? If I had a crystal ball I would tell you but I would also be buying lottery tickets, stocks and betting on the World Series. Sorry Twins fans but It doesn't look good this year; I can say that without the crystal ball.

Check off another event that has come and gone this summer. Bavarian Blast had another fine run this past weekend capped off with the parade on Sunday. A big turnout for the parade that made it's way through the center of town.
Crazy Days is this weekend as the local merchants put out their best deals of the summer. I see the local retailers are full of Back-To-School specials and deals. Want to help make an impact in a childs life? Buy a few extra supplies and drop them off in one of many drop boxes for the United Way. They fill backpack for kids in need of the basic school supplies. Last year they filled 225 back packs and the need is just as great this year


Friday, July 19, 2013


Congratulations to our many new homeowners this week!! For some it was the first time being a homeowners. For others not so much. Whatever the case Thank You for letting us come along for the ride and help you through the process. It is much appreciated. A few more listings came in this week and of course some went out. Brand new listing down on Lower Wallachei that would please any home buyer.
Have you seen the progress of the new apartment building going up across from Hy-Vee? The walls are going up, and fast. This is just one of four planned apartment complexes to go up this year in New Ulm. Lot of projects happening in New Ulm this summer. Thinking that maybe it's time for different housing such as one of these apartments? Give us a call at Century 21 Koeckeritz Realty; 359-9212 or e-mail us at For the most complete real estate website go to Need a trailer to use to move? We have one for you to use if you list or buy through one of our Realtors. Just ask.

Some More!!
Bavarian Blast this weekend in New Ulm with the parade on Sunday at 12:30. The weather should be good to go so get out to the fairgrounds. The summer softball and baseball is winding down and with it come District and State Tournaments. Some have happened and some more this weekend -- Good Luck to all of the participants. Nice job on the new shelter at Harmon Park. A nice upgrade to what was there.
And Then Some!!
Hardees is moving along nicely near Wal-Mart and should be a welcome addition to the North Side of town as far as fast food is concerned. Summer is slowly slipping away when the Sweet Corn vendors start setting up shop, which they have. Vikings are back in training camp soon, Twins have all but packed it in and the Lynx look to be the ones to beat in the WNBA.

Have a good weekend!!