Wednesday, March 29, 2017

It's been a long time since I posted on this blog but will make an effort to do so more often. Actually a lot has happened since the last time I was on here --new President for starters but that subject is left for other forums and blogs.
Real Estate. It is a sellers market with homes coming on the market and in some cases seeing multiple offers but within the hottest price ranges. We recently had a listing that was priced over $300K and had 4 offers on the home. It sold in days. We are in need of your listing!! Interest rates are still great too! If you're looking to buy, you need to get in contact with one of our Realtors to get in the Auto-Notification program. What is it? We can set you up that automatically notifies you of new listings that fit your set guidelines. As broad as anything new or even style specific. You learn of new listings before some of the websites. Speaking of websites did you know that our listings are on hundreds of websites and our competition MAYBE a couple dozen. You just never know where a buyer will come from. Our marketing is like an octopus with many "arms" and long reaching. There's is like a T-rex with it's short arms and limited range. Visualize that when you're thinking of selling.
City Happenings. Bank Midwest's new bank is coming along; the green insulation sure is eye catching. New businesses will be going into the old Thrifty building. There is a rumor out there that Target site is sold but nothing official. What would you like to see in there? Broadway from 7th North to past Searles is going to have work done this summer so please do what you can to get to the businesses on the South end of town; there will be ways to get them. Just a reminder to keep spending locally.
Like us on Facebook!! Did you know that the some of the people that liked us on Facebook are winners? We gave away a trip earlier this year as well a few gift certificates to local businesses. More to come the rest of the year.
Twins opener is just days away; how will they be this year? Will the Wild o far in the playoffs? How will our local Spring sports teams do this year?
Let me know your thoughts!!

Monday, April 11, 2016

"Video Killed The Radio Star"

Remember that song?!?! Well video is creeping into more advertising than ever. So take a look at this:

Throughout the coming year we will be getting more and more into videos for important announcements, invites and our listings.

Every one of our listings has a video on YouTube. Did you know that YouTube is one of the largest search engines out there? Every one of our listings has it's own web page too.

What loses a head in the morning but regains it at night?? Your pillow

Go Twins!!

Go Wild!!

Friday, March 25, 2016

Happy Easter

From all of us at Century 21 Koeckeritz Realty, we want to wish each and every one of you a Happy Easter.

In the Real Estate world things are starting to pick up steam. A few more new listings have hit the market and interest rates are still pretty good. Check out the housing market at Have any questions on any home listed on the market? Contact one of the 12 agents here either through the website or by calling 359-9212. We handle all types of real estate.

I posted my first ever video on our Facebook Page the other day wishing everyone a Happy Easter and inviting you to come see us the Home Show April 1-3. It was my first attempt but not my last. Look for more to come. But don't forget to come see us at the Home Show.

I'm a huge supporter of buying locally and that includes financing locally. If you're looking to buy a home, start with your local lender. Many times they're just as good and sometimes better than an internet lender. We have some good ones in the area.

I have a recent pet peeve -- that is people taking to Social Media and claiming this store and that store is closing. The latest has been Menards, Hardees and Herbergers. From what I've found out is that none of those are true. Support them don't bury them. I've found that the only reason that I need to shop out of town is to get my racquetball racquet restrung in Mankato. I can buy everything else here without spending time and gas money.

Back to real estate --- If you're thinking about buying or selling be sure to give us a call. Our marketing is second to none.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

This is going to get good and interesting

It's only March and the Presidential race is hot and going strong with no sign of letting up. As is typical with any election you really don't know who to believe about most anything that they say. It seems like we hear the same thing every 4 years just a different person saying what they think we want to hear. When the dust settles who will be left standing?? Time will tell.

We have our new digital sign up and running out in front of our building and still learning on how to use and what to put on it. Do you have an event or announcement that you want to see up in lights?? We can  do that for you. Let us know what you want to say and we can get that done. Just make a small donation and at the end of the year we'll take the money collected and donate it to a non-profit or two.

Like us on Facebook!!We've been posting our 2015 Award winners on Facebook. The first two were Joyce Krenz and Brenda Nosbush. They along with the other award winners from Century 21 Koeckeritz Realty will be recognized at the regional awards banquet held April 1.

Come see us at the Home Show the first weekend of April at the New Ulm Civic Center. We'll have a few things to hand out that weekend.

Happy Spring to all and warm thoughts

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

So much going on!!

It's that time of year when we realize that Winter isn't going to last forever no matter what that furry little creature out in Pennsylvania says. The calendar starts to fill up with things to do, places to go and people to see.

Sunday January 31 at Turner Hall is the event " Tracks For Aaron". A fundraiser for Aaron Serbus, a young man injured in a motorcycle accident. The proceeds will used to purchase machine that will enable him to become more mobile. There's no football on Sunday and the weather should be nice so come on out for this good cause.

Speaking of Turner Hall, they are having a Rib Feast on Thursday the 4th. Enjoy a rack of ribs and sides for supper on Thursday evening.

Bockfest is coming up on Feb 6. No additional explanation is needed!! A fun time to had by all out at the August Schell Brewery. Follow that up with entertainment at the New Ulm Event Center.

Super Bowl Sunday is Feb 7. Look for all the deals from local restaurants and grocery stores for your Super Bowl Party.

Real Estate--- We have many commercial sites available for sale so if your looking to start a business or need more room, we have a spot for you.
                                        WE NEED RESIDENTIAL LISTINGS!! THINKIING OF SELLING. CALL US
No need to wait for Spring, there are buyers looking now!!

Our sign is up and running available to use for announcements. Contact us for details.


Monday, January 11, 2016

Welcome to Winter

After a bearable December, January has shown us that it still is winter in Minnesota. That doesn't mean that things stop in the real estate world. There are still buyers out there looking for a new home so if you're thinking about selling, now isn't a bad time to get the ball rolling. Yes it can be a pain to move in the winter but we do have the enclosed trailer for you to use if you need it.

In case you haven't been past our building in the past few days, we have added another means to advertise. We have installed a new digital sign that we'll be incorporating into our marketing plan. This sign has a lot of bells and whistles to watch for open houses, listings, contests and events throughout the year.

Century 21 Koeckeritz Realty is a proud sponsor of the 2016 Heart of New Ulm Gala. This years event  will be held on Feb 20, 2016. The proceeds from the night will go towards the purchase of a 3D Mammography machine. It will become a helpful tool in the fight against cancer and it will be right here in New Ulm. Who hasn't had their life touched by cancer?

The Winter High School sports season is in full swing. Be sure to catch a game or match and cheer on these young athletes. There are a few area teams that have garnered state rankings.

2015 was a good year for us as a company as we had over 200+ transactions in the New Ulm and Sleepy Eye area. That makes us one of the top Century 21 offices in the State of Minnesota. 2016 looks like it should be another good year.

What's Happening?
Turner Hall is having a Rib Feast on Feb 4.
Heart of New Ulm Gala is Feb 20
Home Show is coming April 1

Monday, November 23, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving

From all of us a Century 21 Koeckeritz Realty -- Happy Thanksgiving. It's a time to be thankful for what we have but be sure to count your blessing everyday.

Things are still happening in the real estate market here in New Ulm and the surrounding area both in the residential and commercial markets. Even though it's November our thoughts tend to be out months ahead. If you're considering building that dream home in the Spring, now is a good time to be looking for your building lot and meeting with a builder. The building schedule fills up fast once the weather clears for building.
We are in the process of getting a listing on a new construction home that will be built in the Spring. Good location and wonderful square footage with many amenities

Parade of Lights is on Friday after Thanksgiving. There will be no parking downtown before and during the Parade to offer better views and a safer event. Should be great weather too.

Once again this year we as a Century 21 Koeckeritz Realty family will be making a donation to the Adopt A Family program. Each agent donates some many and then goes shopping for a family that is in need this holiday season. It could be a family of three or a family of 6, we just never know who we will be assigned. It's a great feeling to lend a helping hand anyway we can .