Friday, March 25, 2016

Happy Easter

From all of us at Century 21 Koeckeritz Realty, we want to wish each and every one of you a Happy Easter.

In the Real Estate world things are starting to pick up steam. A few more new listings have hit the market and interest rates are still pretty good. Check out the housing market at Have any questions on any home listed on the market? Contact one of the 12 agents here either through the website or by calling 359-9212. We handle all types of real estate.

I posted my first ever video on our Facebook Page the other day wishing everyone a Happy Easter and inviting you to come see us the Home Show April 1-3. It was my first attempt but not my last. Look for more to come. But don't forget to come see us at the Home Show.

I'm a huge supporter of buying locally and that includes financing locally. If you're looking to buy a home, start with your local lender. Many times they're just as good and sometimes better than an internet lender. We have some good ones in the area.

I have a recent pet peeve -- that is people taking to Social Media and claiming this store and that store is closing. The latest has been Menards, Hardees and Herbergers. From what I've found out is that none of those are true. Support them don't bury them. I've found that the only reason that I need to shop out of town is to get my racquetball racquet restrung in Mankato. I can buy everything else here without spending time and gas money.

Back to real estate --- If you're thinking about buying or selling be sure to give us a call. Our marketing is second to none.

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