Thursday, July 25, 2013

Location X 3

There is an old saying in real estate; and anyone who has thought about buying a house has heard it -- Location, location, location. But like beauty location is in the eye of the beholder. What one buyer thinks about the location of a home could be completely different from the next. Railroad track? No big deal who was raised near some railroad tracks. Busy street? Not a deal breaker if you have a big backyard or park nearby to play away from the street. Is there a perfect location? Yup!! But it's different for all of us. Here is a tip for you to save you a major headache and to keep from having an unwanted surprise for you when you come home. Are you going away for a weekend or a week? Turn the water off at the main in the basement of your home. We recently had a home that was vacant and no one had been in the home for a week. A pipe or fitting broke; not sure which one and ran for quite possibly the full week. It was just a small pipe but none the less a total of 21,000 gallons came out of that pipe. Three floors of living space was water soaked and destroyed. Just a heads up when leaving home for an extended period of time. Another possible cause of this is your wash machine hose. Some plumbers recommend that you change them out every 5 years.

Newly listed is 800 S. Washington and 1021 Lower Wallachei. Go to for all the details on these and any other home listed for sale in the New Ulm area.

Crazy days this weekend in New Ulm; and no we are not giving away a house for Crazy Days. But it would be cool if we could. Baseball fans. The Legion and VFW teams are in action this weekend and are expected to be in it to the end. Good Luck to them both.

Don't forget to shop locally and also get your financing locally

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