Friday, November 6, 2015


By now most if not everyone has heard of the planned Target closing and everyone has an opinion on this one way or another. I've read most all the comments and talked with many on this. It doesn't matter if it's a big box or a mom or pop store, a store closing isn't good for anyone. There is a ripple affect from jobs to taxes to empty buildings that comes with going out of business. Let's hope for a save on this one. By the looks on Social Media, customers of Target have come out in full force.

Deer hunting is the next two weekends; have a safe and successful hunt

Shopping Opener starts today, Friday, at some shops and continues through the weekend. The weather should be good for both hunting and shopping; it could be whole lot worse.

Fall sports is winding down and Winter sports is set to take off soon. Follow your favorite teams and be a good sport about it all year long.

Hard to believe that Thanksgiving is around the corner; heard Christmas music on the radio already

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